Funding Sought for Acquisition and Rehab of a 14 Unit Apartment Building

I am currently seeking funding for the acquisition and renovation of a 14 unit property located in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The funding of $335K is needed for the acquisition ($250K) and renovations of $80K.  A solar initiative is also planned for implementation.

This property is located in an area of expanding employment by three new employers moving into the City of Springfield and creating 7,000 new jobs over the next five years.  The need for affordable housing is critical.

I have an Executive Summary as well as the financials, scope of work, and information on the area ready and available for review upon request.

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Send me a executive summary of your project, financials, scope of work and information on the area


Hi:  I had sent you the information you requested, however, I did not hear back from you either way.



Hi Nancy,

Can you please send me an email at and I can send you lending parameters?

Thank you,


What information do you need?

Thank you.


Please send executive summary and other information for review. Have excellent funding programs to fund your project.


Phillip Walker

Stone Creek Financial Services



My name is Maurice Pleasant and I am an investor who may be able to assist you with funding for your project.

Whether you need to purchase or refinance commercial property, buy new equipment, or simply require working capital for payroll or inventory, We provide a wide array of loan programs tailored to fit your specific financing needs.

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Feel free to contact me so that we may talk about your needs in more detail.

Best Regards,

Maurice Pleasant

Hi Maurice:  

We spoke back in December on this 14 unit project.  I got tied up with the build out and move of our offices.  We did this during the holiday season as we moved for January 1st.  Was an overwhelming project with the holidays in the mix.

In any case, please let me know what we need to do next to find out what can be done with this project and your funding sources.



Nancy, here is what I can do:

65% of ARV

1-3 year term

9-12% I/O

6 points origination

Borrower brings 15% cash down

Thank you for your reply.  The points and rate are too high for this project.  Thank you again for the offer.


What would you need to get the ball rolling on the 14 unit buy/renovate? 



Hi Joe:  Can a borrower utilize the stated income loan to refinance a property?  I have a 4 bed, 3 bath pool home I purchased and renovated in Naples, Florida.  I would like to keep it for a year instead of selling it right away.  I have owned it for 7 months.  It is worth $330K.  Would like to refinance out of hard money at 75% LTV ($247K).



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