Our source provides funding Joint Venture funding will remain available for qualified projects with 2%-29% down payment, and straight debt at 30% down payment.  Rates are in the 3% to 5% range, and terms can go 10-15 years with longer amortization on a case by case basis.  Down payments deposits are lodged at PNC bank, under client full control and signature, using blocked accounts for client protection.  As before, we are not interested in projects requiring 100% financing.

A Direct Bank/Trust Joint Venture

For projects that either total $100 million or more, or a small group of similar projects, ie., a group of assisted living or hotel projects totaling $100 million or more.  This program requires 10% down payment and is a true JV, with zero interest, terms to 15 years, and the fund takes a 30% ownership position in the project.  If we are grouping projects together, the projects will form a common Corp or LLC, but be funded individually per their construction draw
schedule.  Each project will be funded individually, operated by the developers individually, and owed via a project Corporation, LLC or Trust etc individually.
If you have a project that matches criteria please fill out the NCNDA in the attachment and send to the email below and provide contact info so we may discuss.


Contact me at strom_aaron@yahoo.com

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