I have been retained as a developer by a property owner in Massachusetts. She owns a house that sits on 21 acre of land in an area zoned 60,000sf/house. An engineering concept design shows buildable lots of 5 to 11 house. 5 lots will cost less to develop.

She has mortgage of $315k but can't do conventional loan for the development. good source of income but low credit score.

Plan to ask mortgage holder to take first position on the existing house and 2nd position on the newly developed propert(ies). She intend to pay off first mortgage in few years with proceeds from the sales of the new houses.

approach is to build one or two houses at a time sell them and move to the next stage. CMA of the neighborhood is with $300k to $450k.

Can easily do 65% upward LTV.

Contact me with suggestions and loan program design.



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We help fund 80% of the acquisition. The 20% can be cash or collateral. 

We help fund entire construction. 100% of construction costs are done in a draw process. We are taking on new projects. Up to 2MM
We like major cities. We will look into other areas case by case.
To discuss our program futher let's set up an appointment.
877-570-5594 or email ag29577@gmail.com


This is a great project. If you are still in need of a lender consider us. We are the direct lender and provide 100% LTC true debt, no equity or JV, 4.5% deferred interest during renovation, perm financing offered at 6.1% fixed (no cost to you), true asset based loan, non recourse, no prepay penalty. Licensed and bonded lender, and we are a sponsored lender of the NAHB. I can send you more information if you are interested. Email me at bernardw@northstarfs.com.


contact me at bogunjobi@msn.com


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