Hello all, I am seeking funding for a rental property with documented success.

Amount: $445,000 minimum, $500,000 goal

Term: 2 year minimum, would like 15 year if possible

Rate: Agreeable Amount

Time Needed: Funding within a week

Note: This is not a typical property

This is a very solid investment, more details are available. I am flexible on terms.

The lender I normally work with does not have funds available at this time so I am here seeking another lending source. 

I have been scammed by 2 different people on this board. One of which has multiple names on this board. If you are a scammer and you are requesting money upfront, do not bother to respond. If you are asking me to wire money to a bank account that is not yours, do not bother to respond. If you are offended that I will research who you are, do not bother to respond. 

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I am a direct lender but it is impossible for me to do something in 5 days, our typical turn time is 7-10 days for closing of the deal makes sense , and it will also depend on state, are you in California? If so let me know own and I'll refer you to someone .

7-10 days would likely work. I am in Tennessee.

I offer wide range of financial services to interested customer seeking loan to finance their expenses. My service is due at a very low & minimum rate of 5% to suit your needs. If you need a quick loan get back to me ASAP.


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