I just had an offer accepted for a 4/BR 2/BA Ranch style home with attached carport and an in ground swimming pool. The ARV is $170,000.00. The purchase price is $94,500.30 and it needs approximately $15K in repairs. kevmarcol@cableone.net Will add more information upon request. The property is in Mobile, Alabama.

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Hi Kevin,

We have a new rehab program:

  • up to 250k loan amount
  • we will lend 80% Loan to Cost (80% of purchase, 80% of rehab, 80% of closing costs) up to 65% of the after repair value (arv)
  • 15% interest only  - points 4-9
  • 5 day turn around time
  • Borrower pays for appraisal (Lender approved list)

Straight Purchase is 80% of Contract Price and a Max of 60 ARV

We lend Nationwide. Submit your deal via: http://www.clearvisionrealty.com/private-money-app.asp?agent_gate=p...

Normalina Martin
Private Lender / Real Estate Broker / Distressed Asset Specialist

Hi Kevin,

Start with going to the link below and let us know what you need.
We'll be in touch.

-Monique Rene' Coates


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