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I'm looking for a funding source for 11 proprieties. I have found an investor that wants to retire and is selling their portfolio. 


These proprieties consist of 2 commercial office buildings and 9 Residential buildings. These proprieties are located in Lancaster & Lebanon Counties in PA.  I currently don’t have the details but hope to have more information by weeks end. The total asking price of the portfolio is 1.8M.


Please E-mail (hynlt@aol.com) me with any help. I have credit score in the 800’s when I refinanced my personal residents 2 years ago. I can’t see that that it would have changed much.





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Fix and Flip Program~

65% ARV Lending Nationwide ( Major Cities Perferred)
Rehab and Purchase Included
Interest Only Payments
Rates starting at 12%
Terms 12-60 months
Can close in 20 Days 
Call 877-570-5594 or email ag29577@gmail.com

Rehab and Purchase Loan must exceed 100K
12% Interest for 12 Months 
Interest Only Payments


Send me the Executive Summary and/or details when received.  I believe we can assist you.  If you have questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Ed James


800-862-9956 Fax

623-734-7430 Mobile


Terry, I believe we can assist you

- 5 Yrs Fixed Balloon
- Step down prepayment penalties apply (5,4,3,2,1)
- 70% to 90% Max LTV
- Amort 30 yrs
- As low as 3.57%
- $750K to $100 million
- Middle Score 621+ with large net worth and high liquidity / 680+ mid score
- Seasoning for Cash Out Refi’s using Appraised Value: 12 months

Stephen Mitchell


Stephen could you tell me how many point for origination

4 points 

We can provide funding for your project. Send us detail at info@wblgroup.net

Alternative Loans:

Up to 100% LTC

Up to 70% LTV

Rates as low as 8.5%

Small Commercial Loans:

Up to 80% LTV (90% in some case)

No Upfront Fees

About us go to: http://www.wblgroup.net


Do you allow seller carried back 2nds?


Terry I sent you an email. I will be looking forward to your reply.

Loan Program Details:

  1. Nationwide asset based lender - Funds based on the property and deal not based on credit or income.
  2. Up to 75% LTV based on market value or ARV appraisal - Funds can be 100% LTC for rehab projects
  3. I/O payments
  4. No personal Guaranty
  5. Rates start at 5% for commercial and 7% for residential investment
  6. No restrictions on the number of properties that you can have
  7. No seasoning period for refinances
  8. Blanket loans for bulk package deals (purchase or refinance)
  9. loan amounts from $50,000 NO MAX

Michael Haines



Hello Terry! At Provident Management, we can provide rental portfolio financing for homes that are SFR and have been renovated and are currently renting/cashflowing. We do up to 70% of LTV, 3 year term w/Rollover options, monthly payments would be interest only, we also do rates as low as 9%. If you could go ahead and shoot me an email at brickeni@providentcapitalfund.com we can get started right away. I look forward to hearing from you!

We Fund from $1M to $20M , when you have found the details please contact me at :  Derek@WCMCapital.com  or call



My firm can do a blanket loan for your properties, with low rates and low points..

Email me your executive summary, financials and I will get you an answer within 24 to 48 hours..

hardmoneyloans4you@gmail.com ( I do both hard money loans as well as conventional loans)


NO POINTS, 100% Financing, No credit verification, Stated Income, Stated Assets, Any Size Loan, No Prepay Penalty. 30 year loan. Commercial, residential, Construction, Purchase or Refi, Acquisition  Any State or Country.

This is not Hard Money our pricing is usually lower then conventional lending.



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