Sammy Johnson • Subject: Executive summary for Tibbs Duplex by Sammy Johnson of Innovativelivin

Executive Summary

Innovative Livin (IL) is a start-up company that is being formed to meet the growing need for unique renovations to homes and duplexes and other small multi-family homes in North West Georgia. The company is initially focused on one building, located on Tibbs Bridge Rd SE Dalton Ga., which it is in the process of purchasing. The Duplex will be renovated by the owners and family members of the business, and sub contracted by contract laborers local. Sammy Johnson, and Christopher Johnson, both of whom are experienced in house renovation and both of whom have built homes from ground up in 7 days while employed thru contract labor home builders locally. External contractors will also be used for the larger jobs, but most of the work will be completed by Sammy and Chris.
After completion, the house will be rented out, and the income stream will be used to pay the mortgage on the house and to finance the purchase of another property . Due to the rising demand of unique homes in this area, it is believed that the property at Tibbs Bridge Rd.SE Dalton will be rented out for a high price and will produce substantial cash flow to pay mortgage in advance and finance future projects.

1.1 Mission
The mission of ( IL ) is to develop rundown houses in the North West GA , to improve the look and financial viability of Dalton Area, and rent those properties out to provide a stream of income for future investments. The company will develop unique homes targeting the discriminating renter who is willing to pay more for a top quality home. IL seeks to be viewed as a highly visible company in the property development market.

1.2 Objectives
The following are the main objectives for IL:
To obtain investor funding to purchase and renovate a fivebedroom 2 Bath residence on Tibbs Bridge Rd , Dalton Ga.To complete renovations on the fivebedroom Duplex, to completely renovate and have ready FOR RENTAL AND OR SALE with in 60-90 days .
To rent out that residence to provide an income stream enough to pay the mortgage and provide additional income for future projects.
To purchase another residence for renovation immediately thereafter.

1.3 Keys to Success
The keys to success for this project will be:
To complete the renovation work within the scheduled time and within the budgeted amount.
To find rental occupants for the building before renovations are completed or as soon as possible after completion.
To maintain an average 80% occupancy rate each year.

will attach spread sheets also

$35,000 funding desired

$24,000 secure property
$ 6,000 central heat and air both sides
Additional costs
$ 5,000 light remodel to obtain best ARV..for quick sell if not able to rent this is an exit available

ARV $105,000.

Sammy Johnson

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