Our Private Equity Investment Funds will be underwriting, issuing Approvals and Funding commercial acquisition, refinance and project loans the entire month of December.
                * Fast Approvals and Funding
If you need an Approval and/or Proof of Funds issued promptly to save your opportunity because an option or contract is about to expire or you just want to finally get things moving in the right direction to receive the funding you require from legitimate, capable Investors rapidly, our Private Equity Investment Funds are committed to working with motivated and experienced borrowers to reach end-of-the year financing goals.
Our PEI Funds are based primarily in the U.S., EU, UAE and the UK. While most sources shut down for the last two weeks of the year, our Private Equity Investment Funds will be open and investing.
Underwriting requirements are currently lenient as several of our Funds are moving forward and investing aggressively to make end-of-the year investment goals. There are still Billions to offload on an international scale.
The primary funding program being represented is a 100% loan-to-costs Development Financing program which requires a minimum of 20% equity.
This means 100% of all hard and soft costs are funded up to 80% of the estimated completed project value.
Fast Loan LTVs:
* Purchase Loans up to 90% FMV (Full Market)
* Bridge Loans up to 80% LTV
* Refinances up to 90% LTV
* Land-only loans up to 80% LTV
* Minimum $1Million within the U.S.
* Minimum $10Million International
Get moving toward the Approval and/or Proof of Funds you require. Receive the funding within 10 to 20 business days after your documents are submitted for underwriting.
Just call or EMail your Executive Summary to start. (Our simplified Funding Request Form is attached if an Executive Summary is not prepared.)
Call 1(931) 546-9010 or EMail legacygf@live.com to proceed.


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