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We are in the business of funding projects, not taking your money without funding.  We have created this program for serious borrowers who need to close quickly. Our process is simple and straightforward with no surprises. We do our own underwriting and we use our own funds to finance projects​. Email Now to Qualify:



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Do you have a web site reference please?

Do you fund internationally?

What does it cost to work with you and when do you request payment?

My email:

My ad:


 seeking 300k for a BG 45m need this weekend will pay back investment in 30 days with a 20% ROI

What's your web address? 


Wanda Meekins

Hello, could you be interested to work with us as your local representative for funding RE projects like sustainable residential complexes, low energy consuming and/or passive buildings, distressed properties, etc. in Bulgaria, Kosovo and other Balkan countries, and in the Switzerland?

Please, advise.

Best regards,

Hello is it possible that you can fund and have investor partnership scheme with me?

I would like to ask you if can you consider foreign currency exchange investment?

I mean, I am looking for an investor that can possibly make me their foreign exchange

partner with a contract, once your money is transferred here in the bank account

from one US Dollar to be converted to Philippine Money, it becomes 42 Pesos

and then each month your money will earn double the usual value it has.

I am prospecting also a franchising business but I need funds, and if you invest

here in the Philippines, you will get more return of profit because your money

triples each time its being converted. Imagine if you have 1,000 USD when

it is converted here it will become 42,000 Pesos.

If you are interested to be an investment partner, please contact me.



I am looking @ a $22 million portfolio for 6 apartment complexes, how does your program work?

Hello Charles

If you can send me your Executive Summary I will be glad to look at it and see if my investors are interested.

Thank you

Please send to:

Donald R. Meek

I am a Nigerian, retired from Kaduna State Civil Service and having been trying to access finance to set up a cyber cafe. I would like you to include me in the list of those applying for a loan. Thanks in anticipation. Samuel

Hello Samuel

I,m sorry to say sir my investors do not lend in that area.

I just wanted to touch base with you about a pending deal.

I have secured funding for $750,000(75%) and I need another $260,000(26%) to close the deal. its a 50 plus multi-family unit building/dwelling.


But if you would like to  remove the middle man and fund entire  deal  of $1,100,000 That scenario is okay as well.

100% occupied Net Operating Income is $23,500

I would like to purchase 20 to  30 complexes over the next 2 years.

Please let me now if you have investors interested in participating.

Thank you

William Shaw ,


Hello William

If you will send to me your Executive Summary I will be glad to review and possibly introduce you to my investors.

Thank You

Please send to:

Donald R. Meek

Ie been fliping property for 15 years with 27 years in the reo rehab business for bank own homes . can you email me your requirement for funding

Thanks You
Kent Williams


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