Funding for you commercial projects, oil and gas and NPN's

Rhand Investments is a commercial funding firm. We specialize in funding, through our funding source, large scale commercial projects such as oil and gas, alternative energy, commercial construction and commercial land development projects to name a few. 

Our funding source can offer short-term and long-term financing from $250K to $800M. The types of loans we enage in are 100% Joint Venture Equity Financing, Large-Scale Debt Financing ($10 million and up), Small Balance Financing (less than $10 million),  DIP Financing, Debtor-in-possession financing or "DIP" ,  Apartment Equity Participation, Commercial Bridge/Hard money, Loans For Incoming Producing Property, Commercial Real Estate loans for office buildings, multi-family, and Industrial properties, Bridge Loans, Workout Loans, Mezzanine Programs, and Commercial Land Development Loans.

Jay Smalls

Senior Commercial Funding Consultant

Rhand Investments


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