Hello Everyone,


I'm a new member to this sight and I was brought here from my Linkedin page to find a better source for funding our deals.

I'm willing to be lead into the right direction to find funding, so if anyone has any leads, please let me know.




Redie Armon Jr.


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Hello Mr. Kenneth Wood,

We are in the process of closing our first deal in FL on a 112 unit apt bld, and we need $10K for earnest money & closing asap.

The owner/seller has rehab the entire bldg. and made it a Class A from a Class C and he is in the process of getting the appraisal on the bldg. for our private funding lender.

We will be able to cash out and refine and pay the loan back, then we will have seed money for our next deal without having to go thru this stage again.

Let me know if you can assist us in this process.




P.S. We already have the LLC in FL setup and ready to go as well.


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