Looking for 85% LTV on single family rental in Kirkland, Washington (near Seattle). Sale price is $422k. Buyer has 15% of that amount as cash down payment. 630 credit score. Already has a renter interested in moving in. Property in good condition. No renovation needed.


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Do you still need the loan ? Kindly text or give me a call +1 619-738-4937 You can also email me on Rmf_martin@aol.com

Thank you.

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With that score I can get 75% LTV on a 30 year term.  Probably could bridge the 10% difference in down payment with another loan.

If you're interested shoot me a note.  mpickard@lvlfunding.com or call me 877.566.8702

Still interested in the Finance, Kindly email or call at johnahanson@financecllc.com, (929) 450-7074.

John A Hanson

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