I'm looking for a $500k Loan for acquisition of a 122 unit 100% occupied MF investment for 1 year at 8%. The property has NOI 540k. Please advise?

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send me your contact info so can hook you up with a great funder  send this to ncc7enterprise@yahoo.com

Hi Samuel,

Complete the attached loan application and we will see how we can get you the funds you need.



Property Loan $50,000 to $100 Million

Whether you need new equipment or looking to fund a
small commercial property, a $100 Million development
project, or anything in between we can help.


Samuel-I'd be glad to assist with financing this or any other commercial / multi-family property.   I will direct message you my details, have a very good weekend.

Simcha Edward Margolis


If you are still in the market for a loan, please contact me.

Mercury Capital is a bridge lender, we can close in three weeks if the deal makes sense.

My number is 212-661-8700 or peter@mercurycapial.com.


Contact me.



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