I need funding for a 241-unit apartment complex in Indianapolis, IN. The complex is listed for $2,400000. The Realtor has disclosed that the A.R.V could be $18,000/unit or more. The A.R.V is around $4,338,000 at the suggested unit price. The complex is currently 40% full (97 units rented). The other units need to be upgraded. I would like to borrow 65% of the A.R.V or $2,819,700. If you could finance this complex, please contact Winston Henry at 317-972-6853 (h) or 317-809-0610 (c). I would appreciate your response asap.


Winston Henry  

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We offer 100% financing for projects of $1 million and higher.  Email me at:  alinder@seniorcommercialcapital.com and I will send you the necessary paperwork to fill out.  See attached flyer for our programs.

Thank you!



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