We are looking to fund 2 quadplex in florida. We are looking for 100% + closing costs, interest only for 6yrs. Both properties are occupied and generating solid cash flow. Need to close ASAP please contact me for a summary.


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Hello Nicholas

We have Hard Money Loans, send you Execution Summary to us at info@wblgroup.net

About us go to: http://www.wblgroup.net

Hi Daniel

We are looking for 100% financing plus closing cost. The value of the first property is a conservative 180k, the purchase price is 88k+ closing costs, all units are rented and the rehab is very small a few kitchen cabinets in 2 of the units.

The second property is valued at 210k, purchase is 118,250= closing costs all units are rented and there is NO REHAB..

We want equity only loans for 10yrs.



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