The entire loan process is reviewed by the staff Attorney's each step of the way, to ensure compliance. We offer Corporate financing, SBA loans, Private loans/Angel, Traditional bank loans, Equipment financing, Equipment lease backs, Business revenue loans, Start up business loans and IRA and 401K, rollover loans.

The great part of this email is you can submit your loan as a referral direct to me , by following the attached link:http://www.EZLOANFUNDING.COM/agents/5781    

You can also join the team at this link and submit your loans direct to the lender and generate part time or full time  commission on all your transaction: http://www.EZLOANFUNDING.COM/5781  transactions

These links will provide the details of the programs and back ground of the company, we have funded over 100MM, in the last 2 years.

Best wishes and much success, in your business transactions

Darren Lynch

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Interested in learning more about joining the team to submit loan on behalf of my clients but the link doesn't work. You can email me at


http://www.EZLOANFUNDING.COM/agents/5781 This is the link, if you want to become an agent and send your business /personal loans direct to the company and earn commission.

This is the link if you are a client and would like to submit for funding.


The links should work, but if you have any trouble, please copy and paste into your browser and hit enter. It will take you to the company site.

I am very sorry, but at the moment, we only loan within the United States. This is something that we are working on now, as we receive a large amount of request internationally.


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