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I Am A Financier.

My Fund Finances Residential and Commercial Real Estate Projects Nationwide to Seasoned and Experienced Real Estate Investors and Developers for Acquisition and Rehabs. 

Do Not Send Me Your Projects Without Calling Me First To See If You Qualify For My Fund  To Even Consider Taking  You ON As A Client.

Potential Borrowers Do Not Send Me Messages Either.  I Find Them to Be a Waste of My Valuable Time. I Am the Direct Financier!!!! I Sign My Own Checks PERIOD!!! Please Do Not Wast My Time With FUGAZI Deals!!!!

Don't Be Afraid To Pick up the Phone and Call me To Schedule An Appointment To Discuss Your Current Real Estate Project:  347-770-0189, Mondays Through Fridays 10am to 5pm EST.

Do Not Hide Behind Your Deals, It makes me Realize that You Don't Know What You Are Doing!!!!

 It will take me anywhere from 30 Seconds to see if we should proceed with our Conversation and 5 minutes to determine If I should Consider Your Real Estate Project.   Do Not Waste My Time with emails and Messages. 

Messages and Emails do not tell me anything about the Borrower and STOP HIDING behind Your Deals.  If you are Confident about Your Deals Then You Would Have No Problems Speaking About Your Deals and Demonstrating You Understand Your deals and Know What You Are Talking About!!!!!!

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send me an e mail to . need to know your program for 100% loan


I would like to have a discussion with you on the phone.  Feel free to contact me at 347-770-0189 Mondays Through Fridays form 10Am to 5pm Est.

Denise Josephs


could i connect with you,real estate ventures.

Anthony Mounts,

The best way to reach me is Mondays Through Fridays 10am to 5pm EST at 347-770-0189.


Hello, I'm looking to purchase a business in Costa Rica. I will be moving there to run the business full time. I have done all due diligence on property and business. It is a operating and profitable business now. If interest please contact me Vince Friedel  @ or 610.656.8149  Thank You!


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