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I Am A Financier.

My Fund Finances Residential and Commercial Real Estate Projects Nationwide to Seasoned and Experienced Real Estate Investors and Developers for Acquisition and Rehabs. 

Do Not Send Me Your Projects Without Calling Me First To See If You Qualify For My Fund  To Even Consider Taking  You ON As A Client.

Potential Borrowers Do Not Send Me Messages Either.  I Find Them to Be a Waste of My Valuable Time. I Am the Direct Financier!!!! I Sign My Own Checks PERIOD!!! Please Do Not Wast My Time With FUGAZI Deals!!!!

Don't Be Afraid To Pick up the Phone and Call me To Schedule An Appointment To Discuss Your Current Real Estate Project:  347-770-0189, Mondays Through Fridays 10am to 5pm EST.

Do Not Hide Behind Your Deals, It makes me Realize that You Don't Know What You Are Doing!!!!

 It will take me anywhere from 30 Seconds to see if we should proceed with our Conversation and 5 minutes to determine If I should Consider Your Real Estate Project.   Do Not Waste My Time with emails and Messages. 

Messages and Emails do not tell me anything about the Borrower and STOP HIDING behind Your Deals.  If you are Confident about Your Deals Then You Would Have No Problems Speaking About Your Deals and Demonstrating You Understand Your deals and Know What You Are Talking About!!!!!!

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Hi Denise,

Please send me your programs with rates and terms. Thanks,

Hard Money Mike 443-838-9563

South FT. Myers FL. Since 1971.


To: Michael Shaw,

Check the Lending Page.  I have just posted my funding criteria, to make it easier for myself and others.  Too many individual emails to send out.  If you need an application you can visit my site at

or email me at and I will send you the application for funding.

Denise Josephs

Hello To All,

    I wanted to introduce myself and my Company which is Cyprus Associates ,  I am in the process of launching Cyprus based on my History in the Medical Staffing Industry for the last 25 Years !  Throughout my Journey I have formed connections with a plethora of Professionals which are either in the Financial Investment Arena ,  or who have Incredible Developments or Projects in which they seek Investors .   I am a magnet to People and love collaborating with ALL who are seeking Funding or in search of Investments...

  I just wanted to share that I would love to see how we can collaborate together on the Funding that YOU are seeking ...
I am direct to a lender that will finance the following:  I also WELCOME Investors to contact me for Project Interest..

SBA Loans, Hard Money, Bridge Loans ,  So Many options just for YOU !
Oil, Gas, Alternative Energy, Wind Turbine
In Ground Assets
Shopping Centers
Multifamily Apartments
Commercial Properties
Elder Care Facilities
Construction Loans
Purchase Order Financing
Hard Money Loans
Heavy Equipment Financing
Sale/ leaseback deals
Medical Equipment Leasing
Hotel/Motel Funding
Precious Metal lines of credit to owners
Precious Gems dealers get working capital
Antique and Fine Art

Please email me

Pamela Paulson

Cyprus and Associates
Founding Partner
Phone:  (619) 445-0065
Cell:      (619) 772-1969
Fax:      (800) 707-6951

Hi Pamela Paulson

I Am The Financier. I Do No Need Funding.  I Am the Direct Fund.  Your Response Is Inappropriate To My Post.

Denise Josephs

Hi Denise:

We buy 15 - 20 residential and commercial properties a month nationwide for rehabs, we also need line of credit, please let me know you rates and terms. Contact Boris at 818-384-9072.


Hi Boris,

I do not provide Lines of Credit.  If you need funding, for a specific purchase or refi, you can reach me at  I will send you my application for funding.

Denise Josephs



We are looking for investors in Mexico City. Great return of investment for the purchase and sale of real estates. It is the most effective, safe and profitable business with no risk. Asset based lending. and the investment that you provide will be used for the purchase of real estates, then to regularize the documentation, remodel and resell at a higher price, thereby obtaining a return of 25% annually. ANOTHER OPTION IS THAT WE ARE SEEKING HARD MONEY LOANS OR MORTGAGE, I require $300,000 USD. I own a commercial property in Mexico City that has a value of $450,000 USD. I DO NOT GIVE MONEY UPFRONT, FOR EXPENSES, ATTORNEY, GOVERNMENT, OR COMMISSION; ALL EXPENSES MUST BE PAID FROM THE LOAN AMMOUNT RECEIVED. I LOOK FORWARD FOR YOUR COMMENTS, THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.  



Atty. Gabriel Miralrío González

This does not fit my Financing Criteria.


Greetings. I am always looking to utilize private money lenders to provide equity funding for properties that I purchase and remodel, well below market value. I would like the opportunity to discuss with you, in further detail my plans, the North Carolina Market, and the possibility of working together. Please, feel free to email me. 

Hollis Gaynor /


I can be reached at 347-770-0189 Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm Est.

Denise Josephs


You are speaking at me not to me.  What is this about??? I really don't understand what you are saying or trying to say and how does this affect or benefit me and what I Am doing or what I Am.  How does this align with me being a Financier and funding Commercial and Residential Projects Natiowide.  Please be specific!!!!

Denise Josephs


Thanks for your quick response.  I Am interested in knowing how  I can utilize your programs to fund my many projects, what is the process?



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