We are entrepreneur builder, we provide financing for all kind of investors deal and we currently have an ongoing programs that suits all kind of loan request of your choice. Our loan program is proven satisfactory as it covers all 50 states and outside the US, our terms and conditions are carefully drafted to suit our clients, We are able to offer loans at an affordable interest rate of 4% with no prepayment penalty. Our service covers categories such as: •Real Estate Loan •Debt Consolidation •Mortgage Loan •Personal Loan •Business Loan •Car Loan, etc. Hit us right back if any of our services may be useful to you or a friend in the nearest future.

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Have a Client wanting a loan for 5 million dollars to be used for purchase of manufacturing lines, installation costs, as well as working capital in south Florida.

 It is a company that focuses on the recycling of plastics and the manufacture of plastic items for

agroindustrial use, required by the fresh fruit export sectors.

 There is no Real Estate involved.

 Let me know if your company can do this loan.


Thank you.

Private email me your email address

I have made an offer for a fix& flip property. Though construction estimates are not done yet, I would like you to pre-approve me so that I can move fast."

I am looking for 70-75% ARV, 90% property acquisition cost + 100% construction

Are you limited by also LTC

  Los Angeles CA

 The purchase price is $ 850K 

Total loan sought is $ 1,400,000 including construction, purchase (90%) + interest reserve, taxes, insurance etc.

We have projected two ARV- 1. Rock bottom and 2. Fair market value.

Plans are with two contractors to give line item estimates.

Am told "permit is Pulled" by the present owner- I will need to verify.

Please let me know (1) your points (2) interest rate- charge as you go or not (3) Interest payment policy (4) Appraisal policy- whether a desk, drive-by or? (5) Any upfront cost (6) approximate closing time you need. (7) Any prepay penalty (8) 

Please know that I am checking with 3 lenders this time so please be specific in your answers so that we do not waste each others’ time.


What's your email so I can proceed on funding you asap?


Text: 626 616 6039

see attached file Please.



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