I have foreign national investors buying residential investment properties and we're looking for financing.

Ideally, 65%-70% ltv, 30 year amortization.

Houses are in AL & GA, for now.




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Hi Amir,

I have a source with a connection that's doing mortgages for foreign nationals.

Contact me: Jguada2365@aol.com ( Joanne)

Hi Amir,

 If you consider commercial properties we have great terms, please see the below options.

Commercial Loans For Foreign Nationals In the USA Only!

Program One

LTV up to75%
Loan Amounts 1mm-500mm all 50 states Recourse and Non-Recourse
Terms: 5-25 yrs
Amortization: Up to 30 yrs

We look at the property first, and look to historical cash flow if possible. The property must debt service.  Our rates can be as low as 4% for an apartment to 4.5 to 5% on other types of properties. We lend on gas stations, with a major chain, strip centers, office building, and apartment buildings.


On the credit side, we will look at properties based on cash flow, if the financial information is either prepared by a CPA, or is audited.


Borrower either has a 1) SSN#; 2) files taxes here; or 3) has a green card

Program Two

LTV 50%, 60% for Resident Aliens
Apartment Loan Program Highlights
Apartment Buildings with 5 or more units
Mixed Use properties with less than 20% commercial use

Program Highlights

Purchase transactions, Refinance and cash-out
Loan amounts from $250,000 to $10,000,000, higher or lower amounts on a case-by-case basis
Layered risk-based pricing ensures lowest rates
Flexible loan terms
Secondary financing may be allowed (purchase transactions)
Various prepayment options
Age of property is not an issue as long as it is structurally strong.

Program Three


LTV up to 83%

Loan amount 3mm minimum

Terms up to 35 yrs

Amortization up to 35 yrs

Must own a United States Company with a EIN #

Apartments and Assisted living only

Must have a US citizen as a minority partner


I've got something that I think you'll really like. Use the FREE software before you apply to any lender. First watch the video to understand how to use the software; go to: 


Download your free software and then contact me for deep discounted wholesale deals in your area with seller financing.

David Cathey- ustrustllc@gmail.com


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