Foreign National Checklist

1)     3 months bank statements (must have seasoned funds with 6
         months PITI reserves and enough for closing costs)
2)     Employer Letter stating: applicants current position, length
3)     Recent Months paystubs, Employment contract
4)     Copy of passport
5)     US Mailing address and phone number (for disclosure purposes)
6)     Complete application kit

     If self employed:
        1)     2 years business license or equivalent,
        2)     CPA letter confirming the type of business and length of self
                 employment and the business annual income
        3)     2 years Business financial statements
        4)     Business tax returns (not necessary unless 3 can not be provided)

*    All documents provided that are not in English or in Foreign
 Currencies, must be translated by a 3rd party Translator and certified.

 *    Financial Statements/Tax Returns may be translated to English and

      Additional items may be requested during the loan process. Only until all
items are reviewed can an underwriter determine if the loan request is
acceptable.  626-201-0125

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Do you do these loans for houses in AL and GA?

What are the loan details:

1. LTV

2. amortization period

3. current rates

4. minimum loan amount

5. can you do cash-out refi if a foreigner builds with cash and wants to refi once house is complete?



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