We are a private lending firm specializing in loans for residential fix and flip, new construction, transactional funding, and commercial "value add lending". We provide fast answers, feedback and loan approvals so that you can close quickly. Private Money Lending For Real Estate Investors, No Credit Checks - No Income Documents Required.80% financing with Loans from $50,000.00 to $5,000,000.00 We provides funding for investors that purchase and rehabilitate residential (1-4 family) investment properties. We have flexible terms and reasonable rates contact   web  www.flixloan.com  tel  +16017247736  mail christopher.william@flixloan.com

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We are an authorized HUD Brokerage in Central Florida.

As such, we support a network of over 30 investors, helping them procure, rehab, and sell properties.

Several of them are "out of Country" investors. For them we make offers, they close, then we provide the rehab.

These are typically rehab loans less than $ 50,000, and are short term as we are in a very strong market and have all the Contractors in place to move quickly.

We currently have a manufactured home on land project that requires $ 20,000 to rehab, already have buyers waiting, and our client owns it outright.

The property rehab loan will be in our name as these are typically joint ventures.

Once we have this piece of the equation covered, this will become a very active, repeatable business model.

We have already begun and have already spent about $ 2,000 n the rehab so far, but for speed, want to finance the rest of the rehab.

In addition, we also have a large waterfront home that needs $ 30K in rehab, a large SFH that needs $ 25K, another manufactured home on lend that will need $ 10K, etc.

We are looking for a multiple project, long term funding partner for our clients. Paperwork will be with us and the timeline is always less than 6 months for repayment.

Mr. Christopher,

I tried sending you a message using the e-mail address provided but it does not seem to work, I would like to receive more information about your funding options as I am looking for a small line of credit to be used as working capital.

Thank you.

Kevin Rizzo

Hi Kevin, im sorry about that, you can mail me on my private christopherwills2000@gmail.com. looking forward to it


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