I have a HUD under contract and am in need of $ 77,220.00 to Fix & Flip this property. ARV IS 140,000.00  House is currently a 1700 sgft  3/1 SFR,  After work is done it will be a 3/3.  House is in the center of town: Sonora KY. on a double lot. Call me at: 279-422-2550 to discuss terms. Tks. Bill R. 

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Below is my direct Private Lender and below is an overview of their
lending program:

Here is my lenders overview:

*Loan size:$350,000-$20MM+
*Collateral Location:Nationwide(Focus is in NY,FL,NJ,CT and PA
*Collateral Types:All RE considered
*Security:1st Mortgage Lien
*Loan to Value:Up to 65%
*Exit Fee:None
*Interest Rate:Starting @8.99%
*Amoritization:Interest Only
*Recourse-Generally required
*Origination Fee:1%
*Funding in 1-2 weeks

 The specific collateral we would lend against is non-owner occupied
residential and for commercial it’s retail, offices, flagged hotels,
multi-family and mixed-use. We also consider land and ground-up
construction deals when they are located within a major market.

The specific information we need in order to properly consider a deal
is the following:

What is the address and description of the asset to be used as collateral?
How much does the borrower need to borrow and what will it be used for?
How will our loan be paid back?
How come a bridge loan is needed versus a conventional loan?
Is the asset owner occupied?
If the deal is an acquisition, is the purchase in contract and for how much?
If there is an existing appraisal, please share it
If the asset is rented, what is the occupancy or vacancy rate?
If there is an operating memo or income/expense statement, please share it

Don Carter
Facilitator to Lender


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