I have deals I need to place for single family flip funding. These are in Colorado, in the Denver suburbs of Littleton and Broomfield. I haven't been advertising flip funding the last couple of years but it seems to be coming back strong so I am looking to find the best lending source to complete these. The borrower is experienced, has done 6 flips in Colorado, but his previous lender is switching gears and no longer has a useful bridge loan to flips homes. If anyone has flip funding I would really like to hear about it. Thanks for reading.

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Direct balance sheet lender here



Thank you Chad. He just made an offer this morning and is awaiting an answer. Property is in Broomfield Co. His offer is $35k below list price because the property needs quite a bit of updating. If it gets accepted I will email you!

You're welcome Alex. Let me know and thanks for the reply.

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 Hi Alex,

Please find some of our loan programs including Fix and Flip Funding bellow:

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Tammy Boruk

Senior Vice President

T: 646 812 7812

Thanks to all 3 of you for your replies to this request. The investor put in an offer yesterday on the Broomfield, Co. property. Turns out his offer was one of 4, and they have accepted a higher offer. That property is now out. He will be looking at the Littleton property on Friday. It is an off market 4/2. This property needs about $50k to $55k in rehab. Needs a new roof, windows, interior paint, and landscaping. Seller is asking $470k. If they can come to an agreement then I will need to place this loan with one of you because I do not currently have a good source to finance flips. I will message if we move forward. Thanks again.

Commercial Real-Estate Backed Funding


Longer Terms.  Higher Offers.

Loan offers up to $50M.
Lower payments with terms up to 5 years with 30 year amortization.
Current Rates 7.5% - 8.5%*.


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