Fix & Flip Lender Needed In GA 

Hello, I am looking to partner with a direct lender for fix and flip loan

 Deal #1

I have a client who want to purchase a property in

Atlanta GA on west end. HML needed to complete purchase property and rehab.

Time to rehab 6-8 weeks

client has income to service the HML.

need non-credit based loan

Need to move quickly

Client has buyers already interested in the home holding time should be less than 2 weeks.

investor has wholesaled and completed fix and flip before. 

$105K purchase price

$52k in rehab

ARV $240-$250 range

Deal #2

Small Commercial Rehab loan need

It is a commercial office building in Atlanta, 2300 sq. ft. owned by a N.O.O. It has a tax value $163K, and the as is value approx. $132K.  ARV should be $200+ after renovation. My client wants $50K to rehab to flip to waiting buyer. 30 to 60 days needed on rehab. No mortgage on property. 

Please direct lenders only, sorry no brokers.

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Hi Bernard,

You only want to deal with direct lenders. I am not.

But I have an idea on your request for the rehab only fund for $50K for 30-60 days.
How is this investor credit score? My team can assess if he qualifies for a line of credit or short term loan and qualify him for the $50K. And with some lines of credit he can get the $50K interest free for at least 6month. If he sells before that and repays the $50K, he just got the lowest cost for money .

Let me know. My email is

Thanks and be well, Ana

His credit is less that perfect so a LOC wont work. Thanks for the suggestion though. 

Hi Bernard,

Just now I noticed your reply.

I can refer you to direct lender.

Contact me at or 760.713.6242




One of my top direct private Flip and Flip lenders  are breaking ground on a new additional loan program for direct real estate investors seeking immediate quick funding and below is the lending criteria.Also if you are seriously interested and ready,then let me know,i am direct to one of the principals in the firm and they can provide a list of some of their recent projects funded upon your interest to move forward:

My direct lender is breaking ground into becoming the new standard for direct private lenders. We are offering a special for the next 30 days if you submit a project to us for funding, receive 2.45 points or less. Their Fix N Flip Programs specialize in the below features:

-Up to 90% of Purchase and 100% of Rehab (within 65-70% ARV)
-Closing in as little as 2 weeks on the first deal
-No Tax Returns or Income Verification
-No Asset Verification or Seasoning/Sourcing of Funds
-Experienced Operators
-2nd Liens Allowed
-GAP Funding Allowed
-Nationwide except NV, SD, ND, and VT
-Funding from $50,000 to $2.5MM
Don Carter
Facilitator to Funder


Just sent you a form to complete. Emailed to you.

Let me know you got it and if you have questions.


We have a 90% program that equates to :   75% LTV with 100% rehab cost included. 650 Fico req

We also have a 1ML Line of credit for Investors.680 Fico / at least 5 fix & flips in the last 12 months / 20% req for each deal.

Give me a call if you or clients are interested.

James Crigler

Advance Commercial Finance

770-572-4481 /

Yes we are Brokers BUT we are direct to our Sources. We do not shop our deals, we don't have to....


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