I am planning to purchase 1 – 4 unit investment properties and downtown condos in Milwaukee, WI. If you have financing for this, can you please post the details – financing term, interest rate, down payment and any other property requirements. 


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Email me danocupbryan30@gmail.com I can help I have a network of lenders that has retainer clauses and refundable downpayment for higher loan amounts. I couldnt say much about the rates since it varies but i guarantee that i can get you that loan in a competitive price that no one can beat . 

Ehrhrt, Thanks for the tip :) Yes, I have come across some fakes here... Will connect with you to hear your story.... 

Mr. Lokesh 

If you haven't secured funding, contact me at amckapropertyinvestments@gmail.com. I'm a broker, but we charge no upfront fees. I will like to discuss your project.

Lokesh, check out my website then contact me, if you wish: 





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