JCM INVESTMENT Group, LLC is a privately held national lending firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We specialize in short-term commercial lending, with flexible financing options that are both fast and flexible. Our lending program is designed to be efficient, creative and reliable and our approval process is built for speed thus ,we are diligently seeking borrowers with viable projects who are experiencing difficulty in obtaining financing via conventional channels. If your business is organized and needs capital, we can provide a business or personal loans for your projects. email me on jcminvestmentgroupllc@gmail.com

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Dear Principal,

Can you extend your services to include the C'bean? We have loads of opportunites in Barbados at present and no bank lending? 

Our file includes small and large real estate development projects. You can decide.

Yours truly,

David Joseph,

Regional Realty Services Inc.

Skype. plural_2

Dear Sirs 

We are interested in securing financing for an extensive Rehab project..looking for short term funds to purchase and complete project..giving us the ability to build additional Units on the property...Property in the North East (ct area) .

Purchase (Nego)  Rehab cost ..$360K .(Single to 4 Units) ..ARV ..$860K....(Possible Condo Conversion)

If interested Please contact me 914-979-1656



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