I am actively looking to partner with  private investors who have either a self directed IRA or liquid cash in exchange for 12% Annum or 15% of the profit whichever is HIGHER, upon the sale of the acquired property.

1) 1st Postition Lien

Everything is handled thru a title company w/legal documents recorded

2) Purchases on average are $0.40 on the dollar - Auctions/Hubzu/HUD/FNMA/MLS/Home Owners looking to get out

3) Looking for 100% of purchase price plus repair - less the good faith deposit provided by Two Black Sheep Investments.

Goal is to purchase/repair/sell 30-90 days from start to finish, resulting in quick profits for you.

I  believe you will be so happy with the results you will want to immediately fund another project. Our primary focus is in Brevard County Florida middle class/high end homes.

A little about myself - Married for 28yrs to my high school sweetheart, Mom of 3 grown fantastic children, Telecommunications Engineer for 15yrs with the same company. I don't quit, always figure out a way to make things work.

My husband Ralph, has owned/operated a Construction/Landscaping company for over 25yrs, he has extensive knowledge in the industry, and resources at our disposal for cost effective rehabing/staging etc.

We are a team, and looking for like minded people to join us on our journey.

If you feel you are a good fit please email info@twoblacksheepinvestments.com

Please include your contact info - estimated amount you are able to invest - and any other info or suggestions.


We look forward to hearing from you

Dawn & Ralph Baldassarri

Two Black Sheep Investments LLC



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