For more difficult loan situations:

Just a BPO needed not a full blown appraisal!

We have a BPO company that'll arrange an inexpensive BPO anywhere in the USA.

Purchase or Refinance
Seller Carry to 100% CLTV - OK
50-55% LTV for Commercial Properties
60% LTV for Residential Properties
Any Credit Score Qualifies
We Require the Property to be in a Population of 35k+
$15 Million on Good, Clean Properties
$5 Million Maximum on all Others
14% typical max interest rate
Interest Only
Borrower typically signs a guaranty, non recourse available for LTVs around 25%
Can close as fast as 4-5 days after BPO
Minimal docs

This loan is meant to solve immediate problems. We will work to have an exit at 6 months to a lower rate. If borrower exits at 6 months they’re only paying 7% interest rate on this loan.

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