We are a Correspondent Commercial Lender providing funding for projects in all 50 States and select International locations. We DO NOT charge due diligence fees. We can fund in as little as 2 weeks.


  • Conventional loans - rates as low as 4.45%
  • SBA Loans 7A and 504
  • Construction Loans, Investment Pool, and REIT
  • Hard Money loans starting at 8%
  • International Loans (No Mines, Land Deals, Start Ups)

Always available to review loan scenarios. 


Residential Program:

  • Available in 7 states ONLY (AZ, CA, CO,FL,NC, TX, and UT
  • Fix and Flip - up to 80% LTV/LTC
  • Buy and Hold - up to 70% ARV (PROPERTY MUST BE CASH FLOWING)
  • No Appraisal
  • Lite Doc
  • Rates as low as...10%

CA Hard Money Commercial deals up to 75% LTV, 5 day close.

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No, I could't help with this. We are a Commercial Lender. Our Residential program has a minimum loan amount of $150K, and we ONLY use as is value.

Thank you for looking it over for me.  It is appreciated.

Could you please tell me more about your residential loan program?? Terms and conditions.


Joan Gullison


NEED A LOAN FOR YOURSELF THEN CONTACT US AT Email: richgibloanservices@gmail.com
Name: Richard Gibson
Phone No.: (925) 331-0772

Although NOT into Finance myself, I do have an enquiry from an Adelaide, ( South Australia, Australia ), contact who is seeking Real Estate Development Funding to split up an acreage of land near the coast, into Housing Allotments. I gather the proposed development is approximately 25 miles north of Adelaide. Amount sought is not known, as that is between the client & the lender. Also know of a guy from Utah, USA who is also seeking a minimum of US$15. in development capital, for a project,and does have a business plan available. An Australian Mining Company who has found a large high grade copper-gold deposit on the Northern Yorke Peninsula Region of South Australia, ( www.REXminerals.com.au  --  You are welcome to look up their website ), is seeking about five hundred million, or more for startup funding,- which has been well-advertised in various Australian newspapers in the last year or so. In this town, ( Yorketown South Australia ), a good friend of mine is seeking US$1.million to construct a Self-Storage yard,- but all local financiers have knocked him back.

Can you help with any of the above, or if not, would you be able to refer me to someone who can, and, IF successful are any referral commissions paid for finding new clients, as can most probably find heaps more potential clients without trying ?? 


I can help with several of these projects.  Send me an email to greenmobi@gmail.com

Thanks Roger,

1. Adelaide - Yes, that might be one we can do currently working another res dev deal in Australia. If it is just a land deal, we will NOT accept it. If it is for the entire development (acquisition & development) then that is fine. WE DO NOT PAY any soft costs. Minimum loan amount is $10M usd

2. Utah - WOULD DEFINITELY be interested in seeing his business plan. You can e-mail that to me.

3. North Yorke - We won't do a mine.

4. Self Storage yard - you can e-mail me that one too. It is a possibility if it is here in the US.



I have tried emailing you but the email you have posted is not going thru?  Please provide an email or phone number where I can reach you.

-Darwin Fielding


Replied to your email.


Have emailed both the Adelaide & the Utah potential clients asking for their direct contact details, which I can then forward onto you.

The Yorketown project is actually located here in SOUTH AUSTRALIA,- not at York Town, USA. I realize its a bit confusing, but there's more than one Yorketown in the world,- there's three here in Australia, just to add a bit more confusion,- address a letter to someone in Yorketown, and forget the Zipcode/Postcode and it could go anywhere!!!!


Ok Roger. I look forward to getting those. Currently working on funding a deal in Brisbane.

Replied via e-mail


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