FMG works with a large Hedge Fund that will Joint Venture partner with proven rehab professionals. IS THIS YOU?
FMG will help fund 100% of the cash needed for quick flip (6 months or less) single family deals, from $50 K to $500 K
All 50 states qualify....We Lend Nationwide

  • No cash down needed
  • No credit needed
  • No monthly payments
  • FMG brings purchase price, closing costs, repairs

YOU bring the good deal – WE PROVIDE THE FUNDS TO CLOSE - FAST and EASY
Looking for experienced, seasoned flippers who can present a good deal with accurate comps, repair estimates, effective marketing, and, a track record to back it up. 
If you can bring  single family residence deals that we can help you buy and rehab your distressed Fix & Flips We will partner with you and close it within 7-10 business days.
Have a deal ready NOW?  Are You a Broker - We Also Welcome Brokers

Rehab Loan Program
We Are The Only Full-Service Lender In The Industry Providing: 
  • 100% funding success rate for deals that meet our criteria
  • Short Term Funding for distressed single family NOO properties
  • No upfront fees to submit your deals
Get Rehab Funding
We're an equity-based private money lender, which means that you don't have to have a perfect real estate background to gain funding from us.

We do require that you have the discipline, vision and tenacity to follow your projects through. Are you the right candidate to create a new blue of wealth for you and your family?

If So, That's Great News!
As far as we know, we're the only full-service private money platform that helps you through the ENTIRE deal from funding to closing… meaning you don't have to make any awkward phone calls to strangers for funds or worry about:
  • Drafting Documents
  • Pulling HUDs
  • Pulling Title
Just find the great deal, get us the info, and we'll help you with the rest. All you have to do to start is click this link and follow the simple steps outlined there - Get Funding Now!
We're looking forward to seeing YOUR deals get OUR funding.

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Please send me information on how to get started with this program.  I have several properties I'm looking at in the Vero Beach, FL area that would provide a good return once rehabbed.  I've been rehabbing my own properties for the past 2 years and doing bank rehabs for the past 15.


Hi Michael,

Once you have a property under contract all you need to do is send us the following information:

1) Purchase Price

2) ARV (After Repair Value)

3) Rehab Quote

4) Property Address

Send me an email with your contact information to and I will gladly send you our loan process information.

Heidi Linder


Contact information:

Michael Porvaznik


8775 20th St. #291

Vero Beach, FL 39266



Offer Price $34,900

ARV $125,000

Rehab:  TBD (Estimated to be $40,000)

Address:  1605 10th Place Vero Beach, FL 32962

Hi Michael,

Send me an email to and be sure to include your email address and phone number so that I can give you a call.


Heidi -

I work with a realtor who is a seasoned flipper. I am a mortgage broker. I sent you a friend request. Please contact me so that we can discuss further.


Hi Vince,

I did not yet receive your friend request and will keep my eye out for it. Feel free to contact me at 925-305-0107 or email me at heidi@fundmygap so that I can answer any of your questions.

Best Regards,

Heidi Linder

Fund My Gap


Please send me more information on this program.

Therin Hill

I am new to this site and came across this post is this funding still available?

Contact me at


I would like more information


Good day please call me.  Malcolm 347 681 3034

Hello Heidi,

This is a little different from what you normally do.  I have a HUD property that I purchased in September and have completed the rehab.  I have a renter going in the beginning of next month at $1150 per month.  I have a private money loan on the property that is due to be paid off next week.  

Here is my dilemma: I had a loan in place that I was told did not require seasoning and now at the 11th hour I am being told they cannot do the loan until I have owned the property for 6 months  The private money loan is for $75,000 and the value of the property is about $140,000.  The six month seasoning period is up next week.  I have pre approval from a conventional lender for a NOO cash out refi, so I would be able to pay back your loan well within your normal 6 month time frame.  Is this something you can help me with?

Property Address is: 722 N. Madison St, Wilmington DE 19801

Thank You,

Maynard Schurman



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