FMG works with a large Hedge Fund that will Joint Venture partner with proven rehab professionals. IS THIS YOU?
FMG will help fund 100% of the cash needed for quick flip (6 months or less) single family deals, from $50 K to $500 K
All 50 states qualify....We Lend Nationwide

  • No cash down needed
  • No credit needed
  • No monthly payments
  • FMG brings purchase price, closing costs, repairs

YOU bring the good deal – WE PROVIDE THE FUNDS TO CLOSE - FAST and EASY
Looking for experienced, seasoned flippers who can present a good deal with accurate comps, repair estimates, effective marketing, and, a track record to back it up. 
If you can bring  single family residence deals that we can help you buy and rehab your distressed Fix & Flips We will partner with you and close it within 7-10 business days.
Have a deal ready NOW?  Are You a Broker - We Also Welcome Brokers

Rehab Loan Program
We Are The Only Full-Service Lender In The Industry Providing: 
  • 100% funding success rate for deals that meet our criteria
  • Short Term Funding for distressed single family NOO properties
  • No upfront fees to submit your deals
Get Rehab Funding
We're an equity-based private money lender, which means that you don't have to have a perfect real estate background to gain funding from us.

We do require that you have the discipline, vision and tenacity to follow your projects through. Are you the right candidate to create a new blue of wealth for you and your family?

If So, That's Great News!
As far as we know, we're the only full-service private money platform that helps you through the ENTIRE deal from funding to closing… meaning you don't have to make any awkward phone calls to strangers for funds or worry about:
  • Drafting Documents
  • Pulling HUDs
  • Pulling Title
Just find the great deal, get us the info, and we'll help you with the rest. All you have to do to start is click this link and follow the simple steps outlined there - Get Funding Now!
We're looking forward to seeing YOUR deals get OUR funding.

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Hi do you have a contact number

Very interested in your program.  Please submit your phone number and email to  I would like to speak with someone at your company right away.

All the best,

Wanda Meekins

Hello Ms. Linder,

You did not indicate an email or phone number where we could contact you or your company.  I would like to speak with you regarding your company's program(s).  Please contact me at ASAP.

Thanks much,

Wanda Meekins

Jefffery Rivers commented on Heidi Linder's blog post HOW DO I GET MY DEALS FUNDED FASTER?

"Hello my name is Jeffrey I'm an investor here in California. I been rehabbing properties for many years. please contact me and let me know what you terms are what paperwork you would need from me. and let me know are you working on 65 or 70
Please contact me thank you Jeffrey 310-707-3509

Please provide info or contact me

Lou Johnson, KAYU Investments

713.835.0871 c


I am putting bid in tomorrow March 17th on a house for $75,000, it is listed now at $138,000 but not worth that in present condition. I will need min $50,000 for renovations. Looking for at least $150,000 and max $175,000 to cover this deal if accepted. Title will be held in escrow, insurance will have your name as beneficiary. Going to flip for listing of $199,000 starting price. Would like the loan for min 6 month with option to extend. Payments interest only for the 6 months. Can put together a sell sheet if you are interested.



MACG REAL ESTATE GROUP has partnered up with a private lender specializing in small balance loans for investors in 34 states. 


 Please feel free to email me anytime your loan scenarios you may have for a quick rate quote.

 Average closing time is two weeks for both purchases and refinances.  We’ve made it as simple as possible to get your client closed.  We require:

No doc 1003 (all sections EXCEPT V AND VI) and borrower profile (attached)Payment for appraisal  (we bill via PayPal)2 forms of ID and corporate docs (if applicable)Title commitmentHomeowner’s insurance


P.S. I might be able to help you get deals done that are outside the parameters of what we do as well. I have an outstanding sources for all kinds of unusual loans. Call, text or email me with the scenario….. I might be able to get it done!


☆☆☆  Let me tell you WHAT ELSE WE CAN DO!

☆  30 day seasoning on a rehab

☆  You can buy a home, rehab it and come to us after 30 days for a cash out loan—NO ONE else does this

☆  Cash outs while your home is listed

☆  You can have your home listed on MLS and take cash out—NO ONE else does this, FHA requires 90 days of the property not being listed, conventions is 180 days

☆  More deals/year

☆  Accelerating deals

☆  Leveraging your refinance with your next purchase

☆  Use our cash out product to take 50% equity out of a home, list the home and start on your next project---more homes per year then paying cash

If you have a deal scenario you would like our lenders to review email: INFO@MACGREALESTATE.COM

Do you fund deals in TX?  I have a few deals in San Antonio, which need light rehab.  I'm interested in acquisition funding for HUD foreclosures I already have under contract.  Please let me know how to get started.


Please send info on FMG to   Thank you....

Heidi, is this program still available.

please let me know


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