We are private investor who specializes in business and financial assistance to individuals and companies. Our loan offer is in an interest rate of 3%. All types of loans, such as the purchase of Auto-mobile home ownership, taxes and clarification of local accounts, personal loans, etc. We also provide capital loans to individuals and companies, such as entrepreneurship, business. Loans are available in any currency trading floor and the country is no a barrier to our offer. Our new loan terms from 6 months to 25 years. If you are interested in this offer, please contact us by e-mail:dfs.diasecurity@wss-id.org

All procedures/ modalities will be forwarded to you immediately you respond to our advert.


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Hello Krishna, 
I came across your post on Real Estate Finance, and is interested in establishing a mutually beneficial partnership with you.
I am currently looking for capital in the form of equity funding or a business loan to cover related expenses in setting up an equities trading office. I've contacted a proprietary trading firm who will provide the software and portfolio from which trades can be executed. 
All related information can be found via the provided attached documents which includes my business plan and paper trades sample, do let me know if this is something your company is interested in. 
Thank You and I look forward to a favourable response.
Attn: Krishna Manickam, DFSC Loans   Dear Krishna,   I am writing to you in response to your posting on the realestatefinance.ning.com website.   I have a proposal, based in Fremantle, Western Australia, which I am seeking funding for.   Could you please provide me with the necessary details of your service and product range?   Yours sincerely,   Jonathan Joyce. Director J and H.K. Joyce Pty Ltd   mob/cell: +61 420 504 484 Skype: Revjoy61

I'm looking for a modest 50/50 joint venture partnership by the funding partner placing $3500 up front to get into escrow and a 50/50 split of equitable title on the deal for security.  I will be using transactional funding on the retail flip and time to close a/b/c in 30 - 40 days. Please contact me on google+ via unclestevieray or call 602-419-9123/text cell.

I am interested in receiving more information as soon as possible.

Thank you,

My email address is ask4roberta@gmail.com

Hello my name is Dennis seraaj and I am owner of Triple Diamond Homes LLC.

We are are a property fix and flip company and we are looking for someone to fund our deals.

We have three deals tied up so are out of earnest money and need more because we are doing three deals a month.

If you can assist us send me details for your lending and I will get back to you.

Also need to know if you can provide proof of funds letter for next offer.



I am very interested in this - Can you send me more information......Shellia

Did you see my cell phone no. above?  Text or call me Sheilla, I would love to talk with you and see if you would be a great partner.

Uncle Stevie Ray

High profile car wash - gas and c-store in Bridgewater NJ. currently paying $350,000 annually servicing $4M in debt, in need of $3M-$4M, up to $1M can be subordinated, looking to expand.if this is any interest to you

Kevin McFarland


What costs are involved?

High profile car wash - gas and c-store in Bridgewater NJ. currently paying $350,000 annually servicing $4M in debt, in need of $3M-$4M, up to $1M can be subordinated, if this is any interest to you

Kevin McFarland


We paid cash and closed on a 19 unit apartment complex in Chicago and are looking for $400,000 for rehab.  Call me at 855-832-6678 or email me at gil.meilleur@gmail.com

ARV $1.5 million

I tried to email but it didn't go through...

Seeking Funding for Income Producing Residential Duplex in Brunswick, Georgia. Valued at $160,000, Asking Price is $140,000. I need between $75,000 and $100,000 to Purchase. The Seller is willing to carry a Second in the form of Owner Financing for the Balance. Property is being purchased as a Buy-and-Hold income producer, Grossing $21,000/yr Income. Would like Loan to be based on 30yr Amortization with Payments (or Interest Only Payments)for 3-5yrs. Looking to Re-Finance (or Sell) Property in 3-5 years.

Please Advise
Paul M.


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