- 500K - 50M
- 1-30 Year Terms 
3.75% - 13%
- Nationwide and International commercial requests of all types accepted
- 65 - 90% LTV

- No Upfront Fees at Submission
Projects considered:
Retail, Residential Development, Land, Bridge financing, mix use industrial, non cash flowing properties, all
types of commercial

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Hello Arnold:

I am a Real Estate and Mortgage Broker in Chicago, with a client base of  immigrants, and have additional ties to a broad immigrant community. These prospects in all probability could be interested in your EB-5 lending program. Please send me more details of the lending criteria.

Ben Perkins

Email: Ben@benperkinsgroup.com


We are a buy/hold and rent to own company in Arkansas.We seek lender to purchase selected property

We have people in place for rent to own property/Also we have three apartment buildings showing good return numbers

We would like to work with lender who will purchase property and sell back to us repaying loan from rents and profits

Is this something you can do?



Good morning - Does this funding need to create 10 jobs in and be in high unemployment areas?

Hello Mr. Walker, could you provide with details? Br, S. Parleva


I been fliping property for 15 years with 27 years in the reo rehab business for bank own homes . can you email me your requirement for funding

Thanks You

Kent Williams


My name is Francisco Sosa, I been work we the owner of the largest real estate property available in the Caribbean 

This is the largest land available throughout the Caribbean, We can do a join venture or sale the land. but we need to do some work like clean and make a road into the property. We need about $ 30,000,000 - 500 Millions It depends on the terms and conditions. This property market value is over 1.8 Billion USD
That property has 5 Miles of sandy white Beach Front.
Future Constructions
Luxuries Villas
Golf course
Polo Field
sports complex
And More.
Best Regards
Francisco Sosa


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