***Fast Asset Based Financing Available*** Call 917-816-4216 to inquire!!

Basic info should you need a very strong private money lender!

Our company is Global Property Group, Inc. out of Rochester, NY. Review the info below and contact me either via email or my office which is 917-816-4216. We have over 100 million to lend of our own money! Investor must have experience and must have skin in the game.


*Benefits of borrowing through Global Property Group, Inc.:

·         Increased buying power. We issue lines of credit up to $4 million

·         Exceptionally quick loan approvals and closings

·         Transparent and "common sense" underwriting

·         Flexible programs

·         Extensive nationwide experience in this industry (Management has 50 years of real estate lending experience and has closed over $3 billion in renovation loans)

·         Assist in the sourcing and sale of properties

·         Institutional capital always available to meet demand. We lend our own funds, we are not a broker

·         Volume buying power for rehabbers

·         No prepayment penalty

·         Renovation funds are advanced in draws

·         We can help you partner with: professionals that have equity capital to fund your deals; or professionals that have properties if you have equity

·         Loans for single and multi-family, up to 36 months

·         We close loans up to $1 million

*Typical Loan Program

Property Type: Non-owner occupied residential (Single family and multi-family up to 20 units).


LTV: GPG, Inc. loans generally do not exceed 65% of the after repaired value of the property. We typically finance up to 80% of acquisition and renovation expenses. (70% for multi-family)


Interest Rate: 5.99 to 11.99%


Points: 3-6


Term: 3-36 months can go up to 30 years amortized for long term buy and holds.

Let me know what you think and if this would be something you would like to engage in further conversation on, I will be very inclined to speak with you in greater detail you can reach me directly on 917-816-4216.

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