Family office is making commercial real estate loans.

We can work with seller 2nds of 30 to 40%, borrower equity of 10% to 20%

Anything that comes out to a 60% LTV combined seller hold and buyer equity. Up to 70% LTV available.

Usually we can work with any appraisal or BPO - that you already have. At times we don’t need an appraisal at all.

Close in a week if no problems.

0 to 2 points lender origination.

1 to 2 points broker origination max.

Absolutely zero up front fees.

10 to 12% interest only with balloon.

12 month term. Max 6 months prepay period.

No land at this time.

Brokers protected. No broker chains PLEASE! If there is a broker chain, we don’t want to know about it. 440-637-5646

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