We are looking for credible lenders who provide transactional funding.  We will need to utilize the funds for 30-60 days.  Our scenario works as follows:

*  We are receiving offers to purchase distressed commercial portfolios.  

*  We have a lender who will provide 90% LTV.

*  The properties have extreme equity at present (25%-75%).

*  You provide the funding and you are repaid, your loan and fee at the closing table.  Your loan and fee are placed on the HUD-1.  Title company handles deposit and wiring of funds.

We are looking for a streamlined process with a company that has a track record and ability to provide POF/VOD.  If you are a direct lender, please send terms and information.  This is transactional funding 'extended'.  We will not pay high fees.  We desire to build a relationship as we have clients who would also be interested.

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WE offer commercial real estate loans nationwide. We also FINANCE IN MANY OTHER INDUSTRIES AS WELL AS WELL AS BUSINESS AND CREDIT. We can lend on both owner and non-owner occupied properties.. Our commercial real estate financing programs may be used for: real estate acquisition, short tern bridge financing, multi-family homes, offices, industrial properties, warehouses, retail locations, and more. Loan amounts range from $50,000 to $50,000,000, with LTV's up to 90% and closing as fast as 2-3 weeks. Contact our offices for more details LET THEM KNOW THAT WAYNE SANDERS INVITED YOU.


What are your rates & fees? Any fees prior to closing?
For owner occupied?
Company name?

Hello Alex, I welcome an email address that I too, can discuss some transactions.

Hi Alex :

How are you doing and nice to meet you !!

May we have your phone # and contact email for us sending the related funding offer ?


David Lee


Still interested in the loan for 10% Refinance,contact me 

John A Hanson




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