Hello everyone,
I am a commercial real estate investor located in the Washington State area, I am looking to build a long term business relationship with a legitimate real estate investor.  I have several commercial real estate projects, income producing and new development, funding has been secured however, I need assistance with the Escrow deposit for a short period of time, 12 months or less.

Here are the details of what I can offer.

Escrow account will be set-up at Wells Fargo Bank, I will pay the Escrow set-up fees.
I am asking for a short term Escrow commitment of 12 months or less.
The Escrow funding range I am needing is $3MM to $5MM, I can offer ROI of;

If the Escrow is $3MM I will repay $3.7MM
If the Escrow is $4MM I will repay $4.9MM
If the Escrow is $5MM I will repay $6MM

The process;
If interested please respond to this email and I will then provide all of my contact information.
Please DO NOT waste your time or mine, I WILL NOT pay a fee to Brokers claiming to have Funding Resources. 

The process is simple,
You will have to show that you have the financial ability to put the required amount into Escrow.
I will provide documentation on my project for your review, if you want to move forward I will arrange a conference call with my attorney and your attorney to discuss the legal details of the Escrow account.

I want to build a business relationship and get my projects funded.  I am not a Scam Artist, I have legitimate commercial real estate projects with documents that can be reviewed at anytime, I can provide contact information most times for the seller and the broker.  I recommend having the attorneys discuss the terms of the Escrow, and we DO NOT move forward until all questions have been addressed, everyone feels comfortable with the transaction and the terms, and we can all sleep at night.



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Have you found for this yet? When you have a minute could you let me know at carlos@cdccapitalpartners.com

Thanks for your time

carlos clark

cdc capital partners, llc 


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