California Commercial Non Performing Loans!

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Shopping Centers, Offices, Retail Strips, Industrial, MFR, Mixed Use & Mansions.

NPL acquired with 50% min equity in the property and 10%-30% discount off upb.

NPL acquired with small down payment and we finance the balance with our bank.

We're syndicating 3-10 new deals monthly. We have massive NPL deal flow!

Earn 100%++ annualized yields when we foreclose and sell stabilized commercial property with a good cap rate! Includes 8% to 20% annualized return paid monthly from the lease income received during foreclosure process and asset stabilization.

We Use Single Asset LLCs. Owner Split is 65% Investor and 35% Sponsor.

$15,000,000 Retail Strip Center that's currently producing $600,000 a year NOI.

$10,000,000 Unpaid principal balance of non performing loan available for sale.

$8,000,000 Purchase price for the non performing loan on this retail strip center.

-$2,400,000 Your investment-down payment to buy NPL, rehab & reserves.

=$5,600,000 Balance of NPL purchase is financed by our bank at 5% a year I/O.

$15,000,000 Sales Price of stabilized property to institutional investor 24 months.

+$1,200,000 lease income received monthly / quarterly during asset stabilization.

$16,200,000 Gross income received from the property sale and the lease income.

-$5,600,000 Repay our Interest only loan to our bank. Debt financing to buy NPL.

--$560,000 Debt service two years 5% Interest only to acquire NPL with leverage.

=$10,040,000 Net profit selling property. 65% paid to Investor & 35% to Sponsor.


Your 65% ownership or $2,400,000 returns 135% annualized over two years!

=$780,000 lease income for 24 months + $5,746,00070 in back end gross returns.

                                           Additional Details!

Investor's "right of first refusal" to buy us out with 35% equity and a great cap rate!

65% yield in 6 months if we workout loans. 9 of 10 go through foreclosure process.

We complete California foreclosures or deed in lieu of foreclosures in 4-12 months.

*Accredited or Institutional Investors wanted with $100,000 to $50M+ liquid funds.

*Investor may be exclusive equity partner with sponsor or buy a fractional interest.

*$160M+ in Acquisitions in 2014. Blew past that number in the first quarter of 15'!

*Please email or call me to request our Marketing Package including closed deals.

*Syndicator & Promoter at: or #858-309-2584