Our West Palm Beach Hotel is projected to deliver a net profit of $35,000 monthly. We have a funding source in place. 

Your co-signer participation will entitle you to 15% per month for 60 months (the life of the loan!). We only need $350K  refresh & market the property! We do not need your cash!

Enjoy this beach front boutique art deco All Inclusive concept as we provide a wonderful product and enjoy a handsome reward. It doe not get much better! 

This is a very attractive opportunity. For specific details contact me as soon as possible.  

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I'm so impressed with your post, I have financing available for $350,000.000.00. Very easy to qualify. Could you call me at 928.219.6648. Since you don't need any-body's cash, maybe you should contact me. Actually, it would be necessary to meet in person. Let me know where you want to meet. (Just because of the large amount you are requesting or don't need?)


Daniella Goldstein


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