I am hoping to find an lender With Heart that can do a small emergency loan.

High interest rate is OK. 

I am faced with an emergency and I am urgently seeking a one time lender that can do a small loan of up to $3,000.00

I can supply any and all documents or verifications you may need.  Can proceed by fax, email, bank notary, etc. I live in California and can meet you in person if requested within 50 miles of Westlake Village, CA 91362

Very Flexible, but something around this would be ideal----

Willing and Able to pay $300 a month for up to 12 months for total of $3600.00

$600 interest payout @ 20% total loan cost interest

This would be a signature non-collateral loan.  I have vintage 1st edition books dating back to 1894 but don't have time to try to sell them now. 

Only contact me if you can verify who you are!

No Up Front Fees!

No I will not send a western union insurance fee, etc. If any fees apply They can be included/deducted from the loan itself.

Thank you so much for your time!

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I also have titles to 2 vehicles but they are a 1997 and a 1994.

Hello and thank you, I sent you an email as requested.

Hello Richelle,

I can help you if you have your own business, with a minimum $10,000.00 loan. Use what you need after the $3,000.00 use the rest to pay back the loan.




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