If you need EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT Assistance (EMD) I can refer you to somebody in the industry. EMD Assistance is available throughout the US, max amount is $10m and there is not a minimum EMD, however there is a min fee. This can be applied for residential or commercial properties. There are no credit requirements. You can contact me at uri124ch@gmail.com or call 928-278-7016.

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Will there be a lien on the property until the Ernest Money is paid? What is the time frame to apply and receive the Eernrst Package?
I shall wait for your reply.
Thank you.
Christine R L

Christine, I forwarded your question and you will receive a response in asap.

No, there will be no lien placed on the property. The whole process takes about 3 days.

Thank you for your interest, Daniella


Can you send over information about getting help with EMD.

Thank you.

send me details of the program fyusuff@gmail.com

Hello, I just called you now but your number is not accessible, can you advise if the EMD service is still available please?

Thank you.


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