We have designed our loan scheme to benefit our loan seekers as the process is simple, easy and quick to meet the urgent needs of our clients. Our Percentage is very low and we give a 100% LTV and a long duration for a payback. 

Student Loans, Business Loans, Car Loan, Bridge Loan, Mortgage Loan, etc are all funded if you can contact us via

paydayfunds@financier.com or


We give preference to individuals or companies with a collateral and accurate information with details however loan seekers without collateral or low credit scores are also funded if they contact us.

You can also contact our brokers by following the links below



Serious people only please

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Please send a message to our email paydayfuunds@financier.com if you need a loan.


dear sir can i get a debt consolidation loan,of 10grand,and pay back so mucha month,or get money to buy land and resell it?thnxh send info to vancehuntervance@yahoo.com?thnxh vh?

check your mail and reply to paydayfunds


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