Use Our Deposits, POF, and look for Buyers for ALL of Your Wholesale Offers and Contracts. . .

  • Unlimited Deposits: We'd like to fund ALL of your earnest money deposits, on ALL of your wholesale contracts, so you never pass on making an offer (or lose a deal) because you can't get the deposit money to escrow at all, or in time.

  • Verification of Deposit and Proof of Funds: Get MANY more deals accepted by submitting our VERIFIABLE proof of funds with every all cash offer you make. There's no cost, and you can use our proof of funds right now...

  • Buyers: We promote all of your deals to our wholesalers, offering them a fee if they refer an investor who buys your deal. So, by working with us not only can you secure MORE contracts, but you may be able to AUTOMATICALLY sell each contract for substantially MORE than you could sell them for on your own.1

  • No Out of Pocket Cost: Never pay a dime, for anything, unless you profitably assign (or back to back close) your deals. If you don't profit we don't profit, so OUR MANDATE is to help you make as much profit on as many deals as possible.

Qualified Purchase Offers

Qualified Purchase Offers

  1. Contract price is not more than $1,000,000, and not more than:   (.80*ARV) - repairs - your profit

  2. Deposit amount is not more than 3% of purchase price.  Deposit must be funded by wire, so if your seller does not allow a wire deposit then we will reject the deal. 

  3. EMD must be refundable (due to inspection contingencies) for at least 7 days from the day you submit the file to us

  4. Comps clearly support your ARV

  5. Repair estimate is reasonable

  6. Escrow Must be an obviously reputable escrow company or attorney.

Qualified Property/Deal Types

  • Residential Homes

  • REO (keep in mind you will have to double close as banks do not allow assignments)

  • Shortsales (we fund emd only after the bank(s) have issued an acceptance letter, which is when you submit the file to us)

  • Apartment Buildings (If there is good reason to believe the property can be sold quickly we may fund the emd up to $50k)

  • No HUD homes, Commercial, Development, or Land Deals, Bank Notes or anything else not included above.

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Please e-mail additional info to We have several projects. Gregg P. Holmes

Semloh Investment &Property Group LLC.


Im responding to your EMD program. I have many projects for buying, rehabbing and reselling. Can you please send me additional information. Do you work with agents as in sending deposits to their escrow accounts?
What is needed to get started as I have a $550k property worth $1.5M quick sell
skype: sfi231

Please email me additional information to and your contact information.



Are your services nationwide?  I need immediately, Please send contact information to, thank you.

Good Morning Arnold!

We have had several clients request that we provide POF for their projects. This is not part of our business model, but as we prefer to provide all necessary avenues to keep our clients happy, Please contact via phone or direct email to discuss details. Thank you kindly for your prompt and courteous response. Anxiously awaiting your reply, I remain,

Respectfully Yours,

Lawrence Adam Gardner, As Director

DuXplore Inc ® Progressive Innovation ™ Nevada Bank Building

7251 W Lake Mead Blvd Suite 300 Las Vegas Nevada 89128

702 718 1179

754 246 5256 Cell Direct


I am a new member with a rather immediate (pending acceptance of offer by bank) need for an "EMD Loan"...?

It fits all the criteria you listed above, but my question is whether or not you still do this kind of funding?  I see the post is 18 months old...

Please reply at your earliest convenience,

Ron Coleman


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