Looking for approximately $13,000 for EMD on a short sale property I have made an offer on.  Payoff out of re-sale and secured by a second position, but will pay monthly interest as comfort.  Worked on Wall St as a lawyer for 8 years and have also been a prosecutor of white collar crime for 6, so please don't waste each others time if you have a .gmail, .outlook, .live, .yahoo e-mail address and expect me to pay upfront "documentation" and "bank transfer" fees.  Real borrower through my S corporation and am looking for a legitimate investor who wants to fund and close quickly.

John Curseaden

CEO & President

CR Property Investors

101 Great Rd. Suite 151

Bedford, MA 01730

978-362-2699 (o)

978-362-2680 (f)

978-852-3801 (cell -best)


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