For lenders and borrower's alike, I would like to present some E-mini ideas that could enhance your cash portfolio's with minimal risk.

As an example, January 3, 2013 an initial investment of $4,000 with profits compounded and following these trading rules: 

1) no additional capital infusions above $3,500 thresh hold

2) a total of only 9 long trades,

3) each new position increased in proportion to profit gained on the previous trade,

4) NO margin used

5) no cash withdrawals during the compounding period;

that $4,000 initial deposit would be worth September 23, 2013 just a shade under $300,000.  No short trades were taken during this period of analysis. A $10,000 similar investment would now be worth over $850,000.

Participation within trades was between 8 and 50 days in duration.

2013 has been an incredible year for the bull market.

Naturally, past performance is not indicative of future performance, but the risk is minimal with managed stops as compared with the potential for exceptional capital growth.  You are also LIQUID when Real Estate deals come up and cash is needed within 48 hours.

Contact me for the charts, and a more complete description including exact entry and exit points, and of course, all the disclaimer's one could ask for.

In order to remain compliant, I can only accept 8 more interested principals, or groups.

Contact Marty

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