DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE in exchange for 50% equity in prime commercial real estate!

We would like to introduce you to a new and enlightened method of acquiring prime, commercial income producing real estate nationwide.  The concept is referred to as Real Estate Income Stream (REIS), and it is very simple: you (the lender) put up the 25% down payment in exchange for 50% of the net operating income, and 50% of the net sale proceeds that will occur within two years.  The resulting adjusted ROI will be well over 10% per year; and your original down payment amount will be extracted and return to you (the lender) within 30 days after the acquisition closing.  Therefore, even though your down payment will be return, you will still retain 50% of the net operating income over the two year period of the hold, plus you will also get 50% of the net proceeds on the re-sale within two years. Hence, your loan/investment will be almost entirely risk free.     There’s no lending or investment plan that is more safe and money-spinning as our REIS.  For more info go to:

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