Are you a real estate investor currently working or have a project that needs funding? If yes please take your time to read this post.

If you're seeking funding and want to get funded in the next 48 hrs then don't ignore this opportunity. I'm a direct private lender currently rendering loan services nationwide.

My terms are affordable, you will be given a flexible repayment plan to enable you avoid default with the repayment of the loan.

There is no prepayment penalty associated with my lending criteria.

Feel free to contact me via my email or phone number stated below.


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Do you finance outside US,,

Magnus Bergstrom

We understand the search for a LOAN that best meets your individual investment needs and we personalize loan solutions to meet your unique needs and strive to make borrowing easy, convenient, and affordable.
With a 24 hours approval, we currently have loans from $50,000.00 – $100,000,000 at a duration of 1-25 years, 3% Interest rate and Closing as fast as 3 days.

I'm currently located in Indiana USA. I finance outside the USA only with verified and adequate means of security


Send complete terms/info etc to my email:

Magnus Bergstrom

Im looking into buying fixing and reselling properties in chicago and the south suburban areas of chicago. Would you be willing to fund such projects.
Zack Smith

Immediate funding needed for closing. Purchase + rehab.

contact or call Raoul @ 412-701-1720

Please send information to

I would like more details. Please email me at

dearsir id like your terms,ifindlandonlandwatch,can i get a loan to buy and resellit,whataboutcolateralandcreit,ihave 2or3companies,that willbuyitfromme? letmeknowsir,thnxhvh?

Ranchinskiy Vasily
You are running the oldest scam in the industry. Stop stealing and learn a new trick. No loan costs money upfront. Points and upfront fees are very different. This guy is a complete con man fraudster and should be arrested again.


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