I can help you with your loan with no Upfront Fees. You would have the privilege to deal with direct private lenders that provide short and/or long term loans that you want. These loan programs are used to finance your Project/Business/Properties and we close loan within 2 weeks max.

For more details and inquiry contact:

John Lewin


(978) 276-9538

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Ok, what are terms......so far everyone who says NO UP FRONT FEES has them hidden in the end of all the negociations.

You are 100% right about that, Carole! I'm out $650. Horrible.

Direct Loan and its affiliated entities, have provided exceptional mortgage lending services throughout the United States. Direct Loan Funding business channels include wholesale, retail and correspondent lending; financial institutions mortgage outsourcing services and credit union mortgage outsourcing services.

Direct Loan Funding Inc is newly equipped to conduct business in all states with HUD (United States Department of Housing and Urban Development). Additionally,

Direct Loan Funding Inc is recognized as a Top 20 (2012-Q2) Residential Lender Ranked by Total Volume; a Top 20 (2012-Q2) Residential Lender Ranked by Total Number of Loans; the 4th largest Residential Lender Ranked by Wholesale Volume (2012 Q2);and has become a larger Privately Held Lender nationwide.

As a company, $975 Billion has been invested to cover up for numerous borrowers accross the states

We are a full service direct lender. "You've got the Greenlight" for your mortgage loan. We are your low/no cost leader with the most outstanding customer service.

If you are Refinancing your home loan, we can save you thousands of dollars during the life of your loan. Whether your goal is to cash out your equity, reduce your monthly payments, or shorten the term of your loan, we've got you covered.And if you are Purchasing your first, second or an investment home, we can make it easy to get the loan you need.

We offer many different Loan programs below.We are your one stop lender. Apply now for your pre-approval.

* Personal Loans (Secure and Unsecured)
* Business Loans (Secure and Unsecured)
* Consolidation Loan
* Construction Loan
* Equity/Home Loan
* Student Loan
* Debt relief Loan
* Mortgage Loan,
* etc.....

Our pre-approval process is quick and best of all, its FREE AND NO UPFRONT FEES! So why wait any longer? Don`t let your dreams pass you by as well as to live a Comfortable life in this world with no worries of debt.

We still recognize the importance of real estate fundamentals and strong business plans and are actively providing real estate investors the capital needed to execute on their business strategies.

Our terms and conditions are reasonable and we would like to hear from you if you are interested for more information about our procedures.

EMAIL: Johnlewin01@hotmail.com
Phone number to CALL/TEXT: (978) 276-9538

PS: I will send the loan Terms to your email so do contact me on my email to receive the loan terms with details, thank you.


My name is Greg Ulasiewicz and I have been 'dabbling' in RE investing since 1994. I am a teacher in KY running an Alternative School for a public school system here and also Coach High School Football. That schedule has limited my investing time allotment and has resulted in 'dabbling'. It's time to up my game.

I invested into Fortune Builders Mastery Coaching Systems in 2012 and have flipped five houses since then, and again; it's time to up my game. I opened The Goal-line Real Estate Group LLC in June of this year and am reaching out to secure funding on future deals so that I can move more properties each year.

WE have a contractor in place and we did a probate this summer having it on the market in 4 weeks from clean out to sign in the yard. It is to close at the end of this month. My other four properties had contracts on them in 30 days, less than 30 days, 4 days and 1 day respectively. We do them right. We add some bling. We sell them below market. WE have a RE Agent, Keisha Delaney of Jim Simpson Realty, on our Team that advises on colors, styles, trends to help those quick turn-arounds.

My buying parameters are these:
NKY down to Lexington, KY and NOT crossing the Ohio River into Cincinnati, in good neighborhoods with good schools.
3br+, 1.5ba+, built after 1960, no major foundation issues (though I've found a good foundation contractor wanting to work with us).

The property must be distressed in some form or fashion so our aquisitions come from and include mailing lists from FindMotivatedSellers.com, auction sites such as hudhomestore, hubzu, auction.com etc along with Craigslist, Probates etc..

The financial parameters include one of two:
1)Preferred: 70% of ARV less repairs
2)Acceptable in great neighborhoods: Net Return = Amount of re-hab costs. This is more prevelant in KY.

I hope to have more funding than my own in place before this football season winds down and as I begin marketing efforts in full swing. Thank you for considering and I look forward to hearing from you.

Goal-line Real Estate Group LLC
Greg Ulasiewicz
(Coach U)
859-432-GOAL (4625)



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