ALTERNATIVE LOANS: Bridge Loans, Hard Money Loans, Private Money Loans

Providing capital for borrower and projects that do not fix into the "conventional" financing box.

We have developed products and programs that provide solutions when others won't.

Types of Investments: Acquisition - Refinance - Construction

Program Highlights:

Up to 100% Loan-To-Cost

Up to 70% Loan-To-Value

Loan Amounts $200,000 to $25 Million

Fast Approvals, Fast Closing

No Upfront Fee

Low Income / Low Credit Score Program

Flexible Term Up to 3 years

Rate as Low as 8.5%

Cash-Out Available

Send Your Contact Information go to:

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Um, web site doesn't exist? Tried to add ".com," but "domain may be for sale."

For 100% Loan to Cost, will you lend, based on the income of the property, with "no skin in the game?"


We have Up to 100% LTC for good projects. Having some skin in the deal will show good faith in the borrowers.

These are Loans for Hard to Finance Project and Borrowers. Flexible Terms Up to 3 years, Rates as Low as 8.5%, No Upfront Fee, ects. If you have a project you need funding, go to our contact page and fill out your information to get started.

Click on this link:


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